Understanding the neovaginal microbiome of transwomen

What is the ecology of the neovagina?

Transwomen who undergo affirmation surgery have a new organ – the neovagina – with real gynecological needs! This includes the potential for infections & unhealthy microbial environments. Every part of our body has small organisms (bacteria and fungi), and normally these are a healthy ecology of microbes – our "microbiomes".

Right now, we have very little idea of what a "normal" microbiome is for transwomen. This study seeks to change that!

We invite transwomen to join and share samples for this research. We'll send you a kit to self-collect a specimen, along with a short survey. We'll also share the results of our research – our findings, as well as your individual microbiome data – should you want them.

About us

The idea for this study came from a transwoman and the majority of our team is trans.

This research is performed in the Peer-Produced Research Lab at the Center for Research & Interdisciplinarity (Université de Paris, Inserm U1284). Meet our study team:

Clara Lehenaff

Initiator and creator of the Transbiome study. MtX non-binary, Master student at the Center for Research & Interdisciplinarity.

Mad Ball, PhD

Co-advisor for this study. FtX non-binary, Associate Faculty at the Center for Research & Interdisciplinarity and Executive Director of Open Humans Foundation.

Bastian Greshake Tzovaras, PhD

Coordinator for this study. Team leader of the Peer-Produced Research Lab. Research fellow at the Center for Research & Interdisciplinarity.